Private Equity Investment

World Trade Center- Saskatoon and Invest Sask. Ltd. and affiliated investment partners offer private equity investment in strategic partnerships primarily in the agricultural and food processing sectors. Investments will be reviewed by our committee on an ongoing basis.

Foreign Direct Investment

In addition to being open to investment in local companies and Canadian companies, we are also willing to invest in companies from abroad making foreign direct investment to Canada in ventures in Saskatchewan as well as providing valued connections in Saskatchewan.

Agricultural Opportunities

Opportunities in agriculture and food processing in Saskatchewan are bountiful. Saskatchewan is home to more than 40 per cent of Canada’s cultivated farmland with 18.9 million hectares (46.7 million acres). With unparalleled scale, Saskatchewan is home to one of North America’s largest irrigation projects at Lake Diefenbaker. This project will have profound impacts offering opportunities for investment and processing opportunities. This project will develop over 200,000 ha of land will cost $4Billion to build out in 3 Phases.

World Trade Center Saskatoon is a member of 60 World Trade Center’s Member Advisory Council for Agriculture Globally. In 2022, Saskatchewan produced 85 % of Canada’s lentils, 77 % of Canada’s durum, 74 % of Canada’s flaxseed, 71 % of Canada’s mustard seed, 53 % of Canada’s canola, 49 % of Canada’s peas and 37 % of Canada’s non-durum wheat. Plant-based food developments, environmental policy and assurance of supply have all brought new attention to Saskatchewan and its scale of operations and the opportunities here.

In 2022, Saskatchewan exported $18.8 Billion in agrifood exports and witnessed over $30 Billion in new capital investment, much of which was in the agrifood processing area.

World Trade Center – Saskatchewan Business Partners

World Trade Center – Saskatoon and Invest Sask. Ltd. are proud of their Saskatchewan Business partners and their Saskatchewan roots. We look forward to growing Saskatchewan in both a meaningful and respectful environment with our business partners.

Our Trade and Convention Center partner

Our Education and Training Partner

Project Consulting Services

World Trade Center – Saskatoon provides fee based consulting services for foreign direct investment or for Canadian companies or individuals looking at entering the Saskatchewan market place.

Together with our business partners we offer a wide range of consulting services as follows:

  • Agricultural Opportunities
  • Land Positions for Processing and Manufacturing
  • Governmental Relationships
  • Business Structurers and Taxation
  • Private Equity Investment Services
  • General Advisory Services

World Trade Centre Saskatoon
Offices and Real Estate

World Trade Center – Saskatoon in conjunction with our parent company Canwest Commercial & Land Corp. provides short and long term office space, serviced industrial land in Saskatchewan and will provide acquisition services for manufacturing and processing sites.

Corporate Offices

Current Industrial Sites (Martensville)

Educational Experiences


At World Trade Center – Saskatoon we understand that when you connect globally you prosper locally. World Trade Center – Saskatoon understands the importance of trade education and other educational programs that are forth coming.
Our business associates STEP in conjunction with World Trade Center – Toronto will be providing the TAP Program in Saskatchewan.

For information on the TAP program please consult

Private Equity Accelerator Program (PEAP)

“Making Private Equity Simple”

Whether you’re an investor looking to invest in private equity or an entrepreneur looking to expand your business, the Private Equity Accelerator Program will help you gain the essential knowledge and skill set needed to succeed in private equity.

Entrepreneurs Corner

World Trade Center – Saskatoon recognizes the valuable contributions of both Saskatchewan and Global Entrepreneurship to the life blood of Saskatchewan. World Trade Center – Saskatoon is providing future events for Entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan’s marketplace in the upcoming months. To better support Saskatchewan entrepreneurs, WTC Saskatoon and its Advisory Committee have created WTC Investments LP which is delivered in partnership with Golden Opportunities Fund to support seed level companies from Saskatchewan.

For further information please contact

Gavin Conacher

General Manager/Vice President of Operations
World Trade Centre- Saskatoon
Phone: (306) 931 3030
Cell: (306) 260 3836

John Williams

President & CEO
Canwest Commercial & Land Corporation
Phone: (306) 651 7700
Cell: (306) 221 1170

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