Dressed to impress

World Trade Center Saskatoon offers premium office working space combined with amenities designed to impress international partners as well as foster the community within.

The nine-story tower features a penthouse lecture theatre that offers space for events such as conferences, training and professional development sessions, with a rooftop deck providing a welcoming environment for networking and social events.

For the health conscious, an in-house fitness centre and close access to Saskatoon’s riverside park and Meewasin Trail provide ample opportunity to get out of the office and come back refreshed.

For a more leisurely lunch time, a ground-level restaurant offers a professional atmosphere to entertain clients, prospects and partners as well as indulge in more informal networking.

A World Trade Center address benefits your business

  • Prestigious brand, recognized internationally.
  • Space in iconic properties world-wide.
  • Reduced cost of prospecting and securing suppliers and customers through global network.
  • Integrated trade services such as matchmaking, cultural training, and briefing on legal and tax regimes for ease of entry into foreign business communities.

Explore the World Trade Center Association website at to learn more.

Locate in Saskatoon,
link to the world

By locating at World Trade Center Saskatoon, businesses and organizations become part of a single network that spans the globe. As a member, you gain immediate access to local services and networks at any World Trade Center world-wide.

Typical services include:

  • International trade information and research
  • Business services
  • Exhibit services
  • Group trade missions
  • International trade events and education
  • Educational and networking opportunities

Trade Centers are much-coveted addresses for business and organizations devoted to international trade.

A world-class working environment

World Trade Center Saskatoon offers floor plans to customize space for efficient business operation today as well as opportunities for expansion for the future.

Seven floors offer more than 15,000 square feet of customizable working space. Glass-clad construction ensures plentiful natural light, while superior climate control systems provide fresh air and comfortable temperatures throughout the building. The energy-efficient structure is built to LEED standards.

Level 1

Full-service restaurant and patio
Gross Floor Area: 16,783 SQFT
Rentable Floor Area: 14,135 SQFT

Level 2

Gross Floor Area: 16,856 SQFT
Rentable Floor Area: 12,373 SQFT

Levels 3–8

Gross Floor Area: 15,270 SQFT
Rentable Floor Area: 14,387 SQFT

Levels 9

120-seat Lecture Theatre (1,962 sqft)
Fully-equipped Fitness Centre (1,184 sqft)
Rooftop Deck (1,011 sqft)
Gross Floor Area: 6,384 SQFT
Rentable Floor Area: 5,571 SQFT

Parking Level 1

Level 1: 39 stalls
Total Parkade: 192 stalls
Phase II Parking at Grade: 51 stalls
Total Project: 243 stalls

Parking Levels 2–4.5

Levels 2–4: 43 stalls
Level 4.5: 24 stalls

World Trade Center Saskatoon
Central Business District
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan